Sierra Series

The Ingersoll Rand Sierra Series air compressor range offer a durable and great value SO Class 0 Certified rotary-screw and centrifugal air compression solution, delivering pure air, unmatched energy efficiency and peace of mind. The two-stage compression module, with oil-free rotary screw technology makes the Sierra the toughest machine in the business. Stainless steel is used for critical sealing components, as well as for the high pressure rotor set. Combined with the use of the "ultracoating" process for the rotors and housing bores, this module design offers double protection against wear and the effects of corrosion, ensuring more compressed air for the operating cost dollar. The Sierra Series’ 46ºC ambient rating lessens the chance for nuisance shutdowns due to summer heat or dirty coolers, with the option of air or water-cooling. Speak to our after-sales support and maintenance team to find out more about how your business can benefit from an Ingersoll Rand Sierra air compressor.

Models in this range

SL 5.1 5.66/5.07/4.5 7/8.6/10.3 37
SM 5.1 6.71/6.20/5.61 7/8.6/10.3 45
SH 5.1 6.71/6.20/5.61 7/8.6/10.3 55

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