The Ingersoll Rand Total Air System (TAS) provides clean, dry air from a single package that includes an optimized dryer, filtration system and compressor in one convenient package to minimize installation costs and space. With whisper quiet operation, dual control operation, simple diagnostics, Poly-V belt drive, advanced cooling and generous serviceability, these models provide world-class air compression solutions. Speak to our after-sales support and maintenance team to find out more about how your business can benefit from an Ingersoll Rand UP and UP-TAS series air compressor.

Models in this range

Model m3/min BARG kW
S250 VSD 45.2/40.5/35.5 7/8.6/10.3 250
S300 VSD 49.0/46.7/43.3 7/8.6/10.3 300

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